Centrally produced generator samples

Under the links to the left, details on the centrally generated signal and background samples needed for the DBD are given.

Four- and two-fermion samples generated at DESY

These samples were generated with Whizard 1.95 are given.

The information is "physics organised"; The individual generated samples are classified by which IVB:s could give rise to such a flavour combination. It does not mean that there is a diagram-selection. Channels with electron-lepton flavour in the final state are separated out, due to the large t-channel contribution in these cases. The samples are then further sub-divided as leptonic, hadronic or semi-leptonic, and finally by the polarisation of the beams. Each of these cases gets an unique id-number. This number is also assigned to channels with no cross-section, eg. pure s-channel final states, with equal polarisation of both beams. In case a channel was re-done for some reason, a new id number is assigned, and the meta-data indicates which sample it supersedes.

The available information:

Beam-strahlung pairs generated at DESY

These samples were generated with GuineaPig. Only the log- and steering-files of the generation of the first bunch-crossing is posted under the link - if needed, the files relevant for any bunch-crossing in the train can be found on the grid.

tth samples generated at KEK

This link brings you to the relevant page at KEK, where more information can be found

Higgs and Six fermion samples generated at SLAC

These links brings you to the relevant pages at SLAC. They have also been generated with Whizard 1.95.The Six fermion sample is dominated by ttbar, but does contain all six fermion final states. The Higgs sample contains both the WW-fusion and Bjorken processes.

Gammagamma (and Compton) samples generated at SLAC

This link will bring you to a page explaining the layout of these samples, and containing links to the relevant pages at SLAC. Also these samples have been generated with Whizard 1.95.

BSM sample generated at DESY

Currently, samples for a natural SUSY model with very low difference between the LSP and NLSP can be found here. Also these samples have been generated with Whizard 1.95.

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