Six fermion channels

In the final states, e is electron-positron, l other charged lepton, n is neutrino, x is up-type quark and y is down-type quark. Some channels have one or more final quarks given explicitly. Hence, the "ttbar" channels are those with two y and the other four in combinations that can be comming from two W:s (ie xyxy, xyln or lnln in any order).

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     2048 May 29 18:05   ttbar
     2048 May 29 18:05   WW + two electrons
     2048 May 29 18:05   WW + two other charged leptons
     2048 May 29 18:05   WW + two neutrinos
     2048 May 29 18:05   WW + two up type quarks
     2048 May 29 18:05   Z + four up type quarks
     2048 May 29 18:05   Z + four down type quarks

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