Gamma gamma and "Compton" channels

At least one of the initial particles in these channels is a photon. Whether the initial state has one or two photons is indicated by the process-name staring by ea_/ae_ or aa_ .

The ".e" and ".p" tags in the file-names indicates the nature of the particle: if the tag is R or L, the initial particle is an electron or positron with the indicated polarisation. Otherwise, it indicates the nature of the photon on the electron or positron side: .eB or .pB means that the photon on the electron or positron side was a real photon from the photon component of the beam, while .eW or .pW means that it was a virtual (Weizsaecker-Williams) photon radiated off the lepton.

For the final states, e is electron-positron, l other charged lepton, n is neutrino, x is up-type quark and y is down-type quark.

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Parent directory
     2048 May 29 18:05   gamma e to 1f or 3f
     2048 May 29 18:05   gamma e to 5f
     2048 May 29 18:05   gammagamma to 2f
     2048 May 29 18:05   gammagamma to 4f
     2048 May 29 18:05   low pt gammagamma
     2048 May 29 18:05   minijets

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