Four-fermion channels

Processes ar ZZ-like (eg. four up-type quarks), WW-like (eg. more than two flavours), or mixed ZZ/WW-like (eg. uudd). Channles that are ZZ-like but could be WW via off-diagonal elements in the CKM matrix (eg. uuss) are nevertheless in the ZZ class. In addition, the processes that have the same electron-lepton flavour as the initial state are singled out as sigle W or single Z (or mixes). For single Z, one also seperates between e+e- and nu_e nu_e final states. Of course, these chanels also contain WW and ZZ diagrams, with one of the X:s going to ee (or W going to enu) in the opposite beam-polarisation configurations. However, the single-boson contribution is typically larger. Also note that the sigleZee channel contains the multi-periferal gamma gamma diagrams. However, there are default generator-level cuts in Whizard that suppress their contribution. Instead, the deicated gamma gamma samples should be used. Finally, also note that there is a default cut on the invariant mass of any e+e--pair (M_ee>4 GeV) in the final state. Therefore, in the singleZ-leptonic and signleZsingleWMix-leptonic there are also complementary samples for ee->ee nu nu with the cut reversed (ie. M_ee<4 GeV). Any analysis sensitive to Missing Energy + a low mass lepton pair must include these samples as well. Note that there is no default cut on M_mumu or M_tautau, only on M_ee.

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