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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
AIDA.h [code]
AIDA_createAnalysisFactory.h [code]
AIDAHistogramsInROOT.h [code]
IAnalysisFactory.h [code]
IAnalysisFactoryROOT.h [code]
IAnnotation.h [code]
IAnnotationROOT.h [code]
IAxis.h [code]
IAxisROOT.h [code]
IAxisStyle.h [code]
IAxisStyleROOT.h [code]
IBaseHistogram.h [code]
IBaseStyle.h [code]
IBaseStyleROOT.h [code]
IBrushStyle.h [code]
IBrushStyleROOT.h [code]
ICloud.h [code]
ICloud1D.h [code]
ICloud1DROOT.h [code]
ICloud2D.h [code]
ICloud2DROOT.h [code]
ICloud3D.h [code]
ICloud3DROOT.h [code]
IConstants.h [code]
IDataPoint.h [code]
IDataPointROOT.h [code]
IDataPointSet.h [code]
IDataPointSetFactory.h [code]
IDataPointSetFactoryROOT.h [code]
IDataPointSetROOT.h [code]
IDataStyle.h [code]
IDataStyleROOT.h [code]
IEvaluator.h [code]
IEvaluatorROOT.h [code]
IFillStyle.h [code]
IFillStyleROOT.h [code]
IFilter.h [code]
IFilterROOT.h [code]
IFitData.h [code]
IFitDataROOT.h [code]
IFitFactory.h [code]
IFitFactoryROOT.h [code]
IFitParameterSettings.h [code]
IFitParameterSettingsROOT.h [code]
IFitResult.h [code]
IFitResultROOT.h [code]
IFitter.h [code]
IFitterROOT.h [code]
IFunction.h [code]
IFunctionCatalog.h [code]
IFunctionCatalogROOT.h [code]
IFunctionFactory.h [code]
IFunctionFactoryROOT.h [code]
IFunctionROOT.h [code]
IHistogram.h [code]
IHistogram1D.h [code]
IHistogram1DROOT.h [code]
IHistogram2D.h [code]
IHistogram2DROOT.h [code]
IHistogram3D.h [code]
IHistogram3DROOT.h [code]
IHistogramFactory.h [code]
IHistogramFactoryROOT.h [code]
IInfo.h [code]
IInfoROOT.h [code]
IInfoStyle.h [code]
IInfoStyleROOT.h [code]
ILineStyle.h [code]
ILineStyleROOT.h [code]
IManagedObject.h [code]
IManagedObjectROOT.h [code]
IMarkerStyle.h [code]
IMarkerStyleROOT.h [code]
IMeasurement.h [code]
IMeasurementROOT.h [code]
IModelFunction.h [code]
IModelFunctionROOT.h [code]
IPlotter.h [code]
IPlotterFactory.h [code]
IPlotterFactoryROOT.h [code]
IPlotterLayout.h [code]
IPlotterLayoutROOT.h [code]
IPlotterRegion.h [code]
IPlotterRegionROOT.h [code]
IPlotterROOT.h [code]
IPlotterStyle.h [code]
IPlotterStyleROOT.h [code]
IProfile.h [code]
IProfile1D.h [code]
IProfile1DROOT.h [code]
IProfile2D.h [code]
IProfile2DROOT.h [code]
IRangeSet.h [code]
IRangeSetROOT.h [code]
ITextStyle.h [code]
ITextStyleROOT.h [code]
ITitleStyle.h [code]
ITitleStyleROOT.h [code]
ITree.h [code]
ITreeFactory.h [code]
ITreeFactoryROOT.h [code]
ITreeROOT.h [code]
ITuple.h [code]
ITupleEntry.h [code]
ITupleEntryROOT.h [code]
ITupleFactory.h [code]
ITupleFactoryROOT.h [code]
ITupleROOT.h [code]
LeafPoint.h [code]
Naming.h [code]
NotYetImplementedException.h [code]
PathName.h [code]
RAIDAUtil.h [code]
Revision.h [code]
Settings.h [code]

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