"MarlinReco"  1.32.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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       === AbsCalibr ==== <br>

Processor makes:

|oCSatoruJetFinderProcessorA universal jetfinder module developed by Satoru Yamashita
oCCheckPlotsThis processor provides check plots
oCClusterCheater5_3=== Cluster Cheater 5_3 ===
This processor constructs true clusters
oCClusterParamsAllows to use VXDClusterParameters as runtime extension object
oCCoreCalib2Container for holding the numbers needed for energy estimation
oCCoreCut2Container for keeping the parameters of the core fineder together
oCEMShowerFinderInitial version of a processor to find electro-magnetic showers
oCFoxProcessor calculates Fox-Wolfram moments
oCILDCaloDigi=== ILDCaloDigi Processor ===
Simple calorimeter digitizer Processor
oCKITExample processor for marlin
oCLDCCaloDigi=== LDCCaloDigi Processor ===
Simple calorimeter digitizer Processor
oCMyHit=== MokkaCaloDigi Processor ===
Calorimeter digitizer Processor for LCIO
files produced by Mokka
oCNewLDCCaloDigi=== NewLDCCaloDigi Processor ===
Simple calorimeter digitizer Processor
oCNNClusterProcessorExample processor that does a simple nearest neighbour (NN) clustering on one or more CalorimeterHit collections
oCPROTSEED2Container for storing the EM shower core candidates
oCSelectReconstructedParticleProcessor for marlin selecting reconstructed particle for further use
oCSimpleCaloDigi=== SimpleCaloDigi Processor ===
Simple calorimeter digitizer Processor
oCSimpleFCalDigi=== SimpleFCalDigi Processor ===
Simple calorimeter digitizer for the LCal Processor
oCSimpleMuonDigi=== SimpleMuonDigi Processor ===
Simple calorimeter digitizer for the muon detectors
oCSphereProcessor that calculates sphericity,aplanarity, C and D event parametres for detail explanation look documentation
oCSuperhit2Basic hit class for reconstruction, contains the calorimeter hit plus additional parameters
oCThrustReconstructionThrust processor for marlin
oCTmpcl2Basic cluster class for reconstruction
oCTPCDigiProcessor====== TPCDigiProcessor ======
oCVTXBgClusters======= VTXBgClusters ==========
Add Cluster parameters to VXD hits, according to projection of path length into the ladder..
oCVTXDigiProcessor======= VTXDigiProcessor ==========
Produces SIT & VTX TrackerHit collection from SimTrackerHit collections
oCVTXDigitizerDigitizer for Simulated Hits in the Vertex Detector
oCVTXNoiseClusters======= VTXNoiseClusters ==========
Adds random noise hits to collection of SimTrackerHits of the vertex detector
oCVTXNoiseHits======= VTXNoiseHits ==========
Adds random noise hits to collection of TrackerHits of the vertex detector
oCVXDClusterParameters======= VXDClusterParameters ==========
Holds cluster parameters for a VXD hit - to be attached at runtime to the SimTrackerHit
oCVXDGeometry======= VXDGeometry ==========
Helper class for VXD geomtry transformations: from lab frame to ladder frame coordinates and inverse
oCVXDLadderHelper struct for VXD ladder geometry
\CVXDLayerHelper struct for VXD layer geometry