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RAIDA is a ROOT implementation of AIDA (Abstract Interfaces for Data Analysis).

Current release:

Project description
The motivation for the development of RAIDA was to offer the possibility to create and fill n-tuple or histograms using standard ROOT objects with AIDA. All ROOT objects created with AIDA are stored in a ROOT file. Since our main application of RAIDA is to create ROOT output to be analysed using the ROOT program, the current version can not read in the root files created. Furthermore only objects, which exist within ROOT can be created.

Download source code directly from svn repository:

Using your DESY account for authentication:
svn co https://svnsrv.desy.de/desy/ilctools/RAIDA/trunk RAIDA

Using your grid certificate for authentication:
svn co https://svnsrv.desy.de/svn/ilctools/RAIDA/trunk RAIDA

Anonymous (read-only) access
svn co https://svnsrv.desy.de/public/ilctools/RAIDA/trunk RAIDA

Replace /trunk with /tags/vXX-YY to access a particular release


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