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LCCD is a conditions data toolkit for the ILC.


Current Release:

Project description
A conditions data framework for the ILC - based on LCIO.

Upcoming testbeam efforts will need a way to store and retrieve conditions data, e.g. slow control, electronics setup and calibration constants. Typically experiments use a 'conditions database' for this purpose. While a database offers you all the functionality that is required (varying validity time ranges, tags, history, etc.) it also puts some burden on the users as they have to set up and maintain a data base system.
A simpler approach is to store conditions data in LCIO files that are used for the data itself anyhow.
While being straight forward and easy to implement this approach lacks some of the desired features for conditions data like tags, versioning and history.

LCCD is a toolkit that combines the two options in a transparent way. It is implemented in C++ and uses an Open Source implementation of a conditions database interface developed for the Atlas experiment: ConditionsDBMySQL (cvs) .

Download source code directly from svn repository:

Using your DESY account for authentication:
svn co https://svnsrv.desy.de/desy/lccd/lccd/trunk lccd

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svn co https://svnsrv.desy.de/svn/lccd/lccd/trunk lccd

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svn co https://svnsrv.desy.de/public/lccd/lccd/trunk lccd

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