ilcinstall is a python script that allows to install all of the ILD core software and most of the supporting software that is needed to run Marlin applications, like MarlinReco, PandoraPFA and LCFIVertex.

The tool comes with a a configuration script that defines a set of interoberable versions of the supported ILC software tools, i.e. an ilcsoft release. This script has been used to create the reference installations in afs located at:

  /afs/          (SL5 32bit and compatible)
  /afs/    (SL5 64bit and compatible)

The releases of ilcinstall also define releases of the complete ilcsoft framework.

To install a certain ilcsoft release it is highly recommended to download the corresponding ilcinstall version.

Please follow this link for more documentation on how to use ilcinstall.

Current Release:

Download source code directly from svn repository:

Using your DESY account for authentication:
svn co ilcinstall

Using your grid certificate for authentication:
svn co ilcinstall

Anonymous (read-only) access
svn co ilcinstall

Replace /trunk with /tags/vXX-YY to access a particular release


Older releases

v01-11 Software release targeted at the CLIC CDR Monte Carlo production
v01-06 Software release used for the LOI mass production 2008↵
v01-04 Software release in preparation for the LOI mass production↵