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Creating a new Marlin plugin

The easiest way to create a new marlin plugin is to download the example "mymarlin" from Marlin and use it as a template:

1.) Download and compile mymarlin example following this instructions

2.) Change the following files from mymarlin in order to create you own plugin:

     I.) rename source files:

         mv include/MyProcessor.h include/ChooseAReasonableNameForThisClass.h
         mv src/MyProcessor.cc src/ChooseAReasonableNameForThisClass.cc

     II.) change CMakeLists.txt:

         PROJECT( ChooseAReasonableName )

         Check DEPENDENCIES for additional required / optional packages

     III.) compile your new plugin and load it into Marlin as you did in step 2.)

3.) Finally check the following links for more information:
Marlin Documentation
LCIO Documentation

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