Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
CalibrationConstantExample for a simple calibration class based on the LCFixedObject template
lccd::ConditionsHandlerBaseBase implementation of IConditionsHandler
lccd::ConditionsMap< KEY, LCCONDOBJECT >Template class for maps of conditions data
lccd::contains_timestampHelper predicate to find validity ranges
lccd::DatabaseExceptionDatabaseException used for errors accessing the database data
lccd::DataFileHandlerImplementation of ConditionsHandlerBase that handles conditions data that is stored in a data LCIO file
lccd::DataNotAvailableExceptionException used for data not available
lccd::DBCondHandlerImplementation of ConditionsHandlerBase that reads the conditions data from the database
lccd::DBConnectionMgrSingleton that manages data base connection on the basis of access strings
lccd::DBFileHandlerImplementation of ConditionsHandlerBase that reads the conditions data from a special LCIO file
lccd::DBInterfaceProvides a simple interface to the conditions data base for lccd
lccd::IConditionsChangeListenerSimple interface that allows notification of implementation classes if a conditions data set has changed, or the implementation classes are registered with a class inheriting from ConditionsHandlerBase
lccd::IConditionsHandlerAbstract handler for conditions data
lccd::InconsistencyExceptionException used for (possible) inconsistency warnings
lccd::LCCDExceptionException used for general LCCD errors
lccd::LCConditionsMgrManager for IConditionsHandler objects
lccd::LCGenericObjectStreamerBase class for LCCollection streamer classes
lccd::less_wrt_validityHelper class to sort collections of conditions data w.r.t
lccd::MemberNotImplementedExceptionException used for not implemented member functions
lccd::ReadOnlyExceptionException used for signaling a 'read only exception'
lccd::SimpleFileHandlerImplementation of ConditionsHandlerBase that reads the conditions data from an LCIO file
lccd::StreamerMgrManager for streamer classes of LCCollections
TestListenerTest class that simply dumps the conditions data collection whenever it changed
lccd::VCollectionStreamerBase class for LCCollection streamer classes
lccd::XdrUtility functions for DB streamer objects

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