A geometry description toolkit for ILC reconstruction software.


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Project Description
Gear is a geometry description toolkit for ILC reconstruction software. It is easy to use and lightweight. Gear defines an abstract interface for the description of an ILC detector as needed for the development of particle flow algorithms. This description is somewhat different from the geometry description needed for the detailed simulation of the detector response, though of course related. For the simualtion one needs very detailed knowledge of the material distribution in space whereas for the reconstruction mostly a higher level description of the subdetector's charcteristics is needed. Depending on the particular reconstruction algorithm a hand full of parameters might suffice to describe a full subdetector, e.g. the main calorimeters - certainly a lot less than waht is needed for the computation of the detailed detector response with geant4. The aim of Gear is now to provide the interface this recosntruction view of the detector geometry.

A first implementation uses XML files for the definition of the subdetector's geometry parameters. Currently under development is an implementation for the abstract interface to generic material properties in space, like the material's density at a given point or the integrated B-field along a (straight) path between two points.

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