v00-09-06 has been released and is available for download.
It has a first version of the new MarlinGUI for creating and modifying steering files interactively and provides consistency checks for collection names and types.
Here you can browse the online
API documentation and the ./release.notes

v00-09-05 (download).
It has some some minor new features like boolean processor parameters and skipping of first n events.

v00-09-03 (download).
It has some minor bug fixes and allows to split the outputfiles.

v00-09-02 (download).
It allows to use
GEAR and has updated documentation. MarlinReco needs Marlin v00-09-02 or higher.

v00-09 (download).
This release introduces XML steering files with conditional execution of processors, improved makefiles and a fast smearing Monte Carlo - for details see
Here you can browse the online API documentation.

Marlin can now optionally be linked against LCCD to provide easy access to conditions data. Also the API documentation has been improved ( you can browse the v00-08 API doc here).


All tagged versions and the current HEAD of the repository can be downloaded from the cvs web interface.


Current API documentation.


LCIO & Marlin (pdf) - talk given at the DESY Simulation WS 2004.

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