LCCD is a toolkit that enables users to transparently read conditions data from LCIO files or a conditions database. See the API documentation for more.
LCCD is still under development - so please test before you use it for production.


v00-03 has been released and is available for download
  • A number of bugs have been fixed wrt. to v00-02.
  • No new features added.
  • See ChangeLog for details.
  • v00-02 is available for download ( requires LCIO v01-04 or higher).


    Current (v00-03) API documentation.


    All tagged versions and the current HEAD of the repository can be downloaded from the cvs web interface.

    Bug reports - Feature Requests

    You can submit bug reports or feature requests at the LCCD project page.


    LCCD Status (02/2005) (pdf) - talk given in the software meeting @ Desy.

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